An Enterprise system available in modules to meet client needs

LauraMac Connect

The Hub of the LauraMac enterprise system connecting all the modules and creating a seamless, scalable workflow

  • Connect contains the core functionality for all our products providing a seamless and integrated solution. Individual LauraMac modules can be connected on an à la carte basis.
  • Connect provides administrative controls, data integration, data normalization, a document repository, user portals and reporting capabilities. The administration controls allow users the ability to configure all aspects of the system. The data integration enables seamless connectivity with other systems while the data normalization provides portfolio-wide reporting and analytics. The user portals can be white-labeled to meet marketing objectives.  

LauraMac True

Document classification, data extraction and perfection module

  • True utilizes deep learning models for document classification and data extraction along with document versioning and perfection.
  • True accepts multiple formats of loan documents including individual pages or “blobs” where all the loan documents are in one file. 

LauraMac Review

Loan diligence and quality assurance module

  • Review provide tools to streamline and automate loan diligence and quality assurance processes. 
  • Review module features:
    • User configured review scripts  containing data, pages, rules, findings and grades.
    • Assignable roles to load balance assignments and escalate decisions
    • Integrations into compliance engines and loan origination systems
    • Exportable portfolio-wide reporting and analytics

LauraMac Acquire

Buy side asset acquisition module 

  • Acquire  provides mortgage asset buyers a module to organize, streamline and track the bidding process. 
  • Acquire provides a seller portal to facilitate the transmission, cracking and negotiation of the bid tape.
  • Acquire is integrated into the Review module to either run an automated “quick review” script to assess the quality of the asset prior to bid or to expedite the full review of the asset on “wins”. It can also be integrated into your product and pricing engine to automate the bidding process. 
  • Acquire stores important data from the bidding process to be tracked for historical reference and advanced analytics.

LauraMac Transact

Asset purchase and post-close tracking module 

  • Transact takes the approved loan from Review and validates the final price including a reconciliation of the price from initial commitment to the final purchase. 
  • Transact creates the purchase advice, creates the funding advice and manages the warehouse line balances.
  • Transact contains the trailing document management feature allowing the user to track and report on critical documents.