LauraMac Launches with Canopy in the Mortgage Due Diligence Market

LauraMac, a provider of technology to the mortgage capital markets, announced Canopy Financial Technologies has adopted their loan diligence software platform. Canopy, led by industry veterans John Levonick, CEO, and Andrew DeGood, COO, seeks to disrupt the residential due diligence sector with their deep knowledge of the business, unique approach to client service, and newly adopted technology.

“LauraMac gives us a cutting-edge platform to execute our client-centric model and implement our proprietary methodologies,” said Andrew DeGood, COO Canopy. “This platform will allow us to fulfill our vision of the future of loan due diligence and execute on our core value of providing next-level customer service.”

LauraMac was formed in 2019 by a team of leaders with experience in both the secondary and capital markets and the development of technology. The LauraMac Platform is highlighted by its configurable workflow to script loan reviews, an advanced rules engine to automate tasks and findings, and a curative process to identify and resolve findings with counterparties. Beyond automation, the platform provides a vibrant ecosystem where users can interact with clients, vendors, and service providers in a secure, transparent, and efficient environment.

“We’re thrilled by the affirmation of industry veterans like John and Andrew adopting our solution,” said Bob Fulton, CEO LauraMac. “We’re excited to see how their configuration of our platform will revolutionize the diligence industry.”

LauraMac continues to establish itself as an industry leader in mortgage technology. The power of the LauraMac Platform is in the versatility of its design. It allows companies like Canopy to use third party technology to enable their proprietary process.

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