Startup profile: LauraMac disrupts due diligence

Taken from the August issue of HousingWire Magazine, LauraMac is looking to increase the technology available to mortgage loans after the closing table.

Launched just this year, LauraMac provides a suite of configurable products to enable collaboration that will transform the way due diligence is performed in the mortgage industry.

After years of working in the origination space, Bob Fulton saw firsthand the lack of technology available in mortgage lending after the close of a loan. Together with Chief Technology Officer Amit Aggarwal, he launched LauraMac, an enterprise solution to secondary market participants looking to review loans. Fulton’s ultimate goal is to allow lenders to perform due diligence on a loan in sync with its origination and with less human interaction. Whether it is a loan QC, pre-purchase review, rating agency review or any other type of review LauraMac makes the process configurable, faster and scalable with more accurate data. The system is not designed for one specific asset class or product but is configurable to allow its clients to design a process to fit their needs.

Through talks with the company, HousingWire determined how unique the company is in the market today, giving it a unique score, and combined it with a launch size score to determine the disruptor score for the company. In other words – how well set up is LauraMac to create a major disruption.

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